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Tina Redmond aka Dj Chic Chick, an improv trained actress, was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Tina is also a host, DJ, producer & radio broadcaster. This well-rounded woman of many talents started off acting in 2011 as a stepping stone to producing & directing music documentaries in her near future. Therefore, after taking courses in radio broadcasting & private DJ lessons, to assist her in building those music relationships. Tina aka Dj Chic Chick decided to go back to Atlanta to launch her career after years had passed of her prior residency being as such. You can now find Dj Chic Chick djing at various events as well as traveling the world on her radio show promoting & showcasing independent artists as well as the hottest artist out, breaking new music. Book Dj Chic Chick to host and/or DJ your next event.