Whether it is just putting a smile on your face or helping you with a full-blown life crisis, Horace McClarin lll has been blessed with the innate ability to uplift, motivate, and, quite effortlessly, have a significant impact on your life. Horace, a native of Atlanta, GA, is able to relate to almost any situation because he has his own story of overcoming personal challenges. His early days began in the northwest Atlanta community of Bankhead, one of the poorest, crime-and-drug-ridden areas in the city.

In spite of obstacles he faced growing up in this community, Horace developed into a young man with a strong personality and a keen understanding that life is what you make it. His life experiences began to broaden when he was given the opportunity to attend Northside High School in the wealthy community of Buckhead. A star athlete throughout his adolescent years, Horace developed into a dynamic leader on and off the field. He continued to demonstrate this characteristic as an adult through his basketball coaching and mentoring of youth involved with Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Basketball as well as his life coaching for family, friends, and colleagues. Further details about his life can be found in his autobiography titled “The Journey, From Bankhead to Buckhead,” which will be released in the near future.

Horace is known for his practical approach of using bold, in-your-face, direct caring and, yes, even humor to reach out to others. However, trying to capture all aspects of who Horace McClarin lll is in these few words may be a futile task because he is truly a larger-than-life man. He acknowledges that God is the pivotal force that has guided his life and provided him with mentors who have helped in shaping him into the man he is today.

Currently, Horace is making a move from Podcasting to Live Radio with his popular hit show “Sports Round Table” a weekly Sports Talk Radio show that is Hosted and Produced by Horace himself, but many of his listeners know he goes by the name ” Ho” or HM3 on the show.

The Sports Round Table (SRT) is a weekly Sports Radio Show featuring an eclectic group of individuals who come together to discuss what they love most–Sports! This dynamic team is filled with electrifying energy and exhilarating dialogue. Crew members cover a wide range of topics in the world of sports from the hottest news, current statistics to sizzling rumors and Sport predictions; and, they deliver all of this in a very entertaining way.

Take notice, Sports Round Table is an up and coming force in the Sports media industry leaving you wanting for more! It is engaging, edgy, thought-provoking, and very Entertaining. You can catch Sports Round Table & SRT Crew show Live Every Wednesday on www.real1100.com WRN from 7- 9 pm est.

SRT Crew:

Horace McClarin III: aka ” Ho” or HM3 from Bankhead The Atlanta Native is the Host, Super Producer and CEO of HM3 Inc. and SRT. Horace is recognized as a versatile host with courageous and dynamite energy – he keeps you engaged. It’s no secret that he is a Sports Fan and College Basketball guru; known to the world as the No. 1 Duke Basketball fan of all time. “Big Ho” holds an honorary degree from Duke.

Stephen Hancock: aka “Sports Super Hero”, is also from Memphis, TN. Hancock’s job is to “Save the World” with his sports knowledge. He is extremely insightful on all aspect of sports if you listen closely he is sneaky funny. Hancock is anFSU Super Fan and he also roots for the Cowboys.

Derik Williams: aka “D-Will The Coach” from Montgomery, Alabama known as the “Gump” D-will is not afraid to let you know that he is the No. 1 Bama football fan in the world. D-will went from Guest to Co-host with his expertise is College Football & Basketball, also known for his unique opinions high energy!!!!!!!!!

Tiffani Boyd: aka “The Jewell of Sports” Ms. Tiffani is from Chicago. She is the diamond of the crew. She illuminates SRT like a fluorescent jewel and represents the female perspective of sports well. Each week she goes toe to toe demonstrating her impeccable readiness and understanding of Sports, especially Football. You can also find Ms. Tiffani dropping much sports knowledge about the “Word on the Street”, “Facts and Rumors”, and so much more, as she will let you know she is “Team Peyton Manning all day”

Horace’s experiences make for an awesome read, and the journey continues, so stay tuned…


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