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8am-10am (M-F) The Sports Joc Show Wayne Gandy
10am-10:30am (M-F)  The Brunch Club Shawnesa Whitehead
12pm-1pm (Friday) The Mutha Earth Show Mutha Earth
1pm-3pm (Friday) Future Movement Radio
5pm-6pm (Monday)
6pm-7pm (Friday)
The Forgotten Man DeCarlo Tuner
7pm-9pm (Monday)  DNA Sports  Don Stenson and Asa Brown
12pm-1pm (Tue) The Baton of Economic Justice Kenneth J. Harper, Jr.
6pm-8pm (Tue) Dope Beat Radio Big Fence
8pm-9pm (Tuesday)  3 In The Paint Sports Show
 5pm-7pm (W) The Dinner Club
7pm-9pm (W) Sports Round Table HM3, Tiffany, DWill, Hancock
11:am-12pm (Thur) Billy Brew Radio Billy Brew
12pm-1pm (Thur) Afternoon Tea Maria Wills
3pm-4pm (Th) Castrology 4 Life
3pm-4pm (Friday)  OldFashion Health Show Alvin
6pm-7pm (M) Influencer Radio
10pm-11pm (Friday) It’s Bigger Than Hip Hop Jeff Hodges
 7pm-8pm(Friday)  Chic Chick Live
 8pm-9pm(Friday)  Lois Lane Radio
7am-10am  Future Movement Radio
10am-12pm  The 3 Point Conversion  Raphael Haynes
1pm-2pm Voice of Ethiopia Zewdu Teshome
2pm-6pm Admas Radio Teddy
6pm-8pm Info Media Akilu Desta
8pm-10pm Vibrant Sounds
8pm-10pm Vibrant Sounds vs. Radio
8am-8:15am  Fulton Focus Forum  Felecia Church
1pm-2pm Ethiopian Community Ethiopian Community
2pm-3:30pm Mahdere Andinet Mahdere Andinet
3:30pm-4pm St Mary’s Ethiopian St Mary’s Ethiopian
4pm-4:30pm Ethiopian Evangelical Ethiopian Evangelical
4:30pm-5:30pm Voice of Tewhado Voice of Tewhado
5:00pm-6:00pm Ethiopian Christian
7pm-9pm 3 in the Paint