Join TJ Harris and Ms. Chelle every Thursday, from 2-3pm, starting August 5th for the Hottest Show on Radio for Political, Social and Cultural Talk. Sayin it Plain delves into political, social, and cultural issues striving to help those who do not have a voice know the issues that affect their families, friends, and their community. The show was created on a motto of “Keepin it Real is not just a Phrase” and they bring the “Fire and Ice” to the Show that will keep tuning in with a mix of timely topics on politics and social issues mixed with entertainment and interviews with guests in business, the world of entertainment, and different walks of life.

Sayin it Plain is Hosted by Author and Business Owner TJ Harris and Co-Hosted by Business Executive, Entertainment and Media Insider Ms. Chelle along with other Guest host throughout the season.

Tj is a Business Owner and Progressive Liberal Political Insider and the Author of the Young Adult Mystery series The Investigation Chronicles of Marshall and Shaw available on Amazon and other Book Distributors. You can get more information on that Series and other upcoming books @

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