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Beasley Best Community of Caring

This quarter, Beasley Best Community Of Caring is dedicated to helping our veterans who have served our country, as well as their families. We’re working with Home Base, a national organization that provides mental health services for Veterans who have served our grateful nation. The organization, based in Boston with a division in Southwest Florida, provides extensive mental health and wellness support for vets and their families.

Home Base also creates content that is relevant to the well-being of vets and their families. Their podcast, Home Base Nation, focuses on this. This week, we’re calling attention to a recent episode featuring an interview with Navy SEAL Kevin Lacz. In the interview, he discusses the fact that the toughness that is required to be a SEAL may not prepare SEALs for the tough transition back to family, work and civilian life.

Kevin talks about his passion for medicine, and paving the way post deployments to becoming a Physician Assistant. He talks about playing the role of himself in Clint Eastwood’s adaptation of the Chris Kyle autobiography American Sniper, which led to writing his own memoir in 2016, The Last Punisher, about his experience in Ramadi, Iraq. Kevin continues to give back to many patients/veterans “without holding a gun,” and along with his wife Lindsey helps to transition veterans back to work and life through a new book and a non-profit organization Hunting for Healing.

Listen to the full interview here.