Dope Beat Radio

DOPEBEATRADIO, was founded by Big Fence 2018, who was born and raised in New York.

DOPEBEATRADIO, is geared to producers all across the country. DBR is the home of a hot break beat.

 We all should know what the groove of the beat is. The groove of a beat is for the DJ to cut the record or blend the breakdown of the song. This is where the producer comes in. The (Producers Edition) is all about taking the groove of any dope beat and looping it then coming up with a hot idea so that the vocalist can come up with some powerful lyrics. That’s called creating a demo.

What is a dope beat, a dope be can be any two sounds put together with a hot kick and a snare. The producer’s edition of the show is geared to the producer who makes the beat and showcases their idea. Some of the beats you may her will be produced live over the air, on dope beat radio.

DOPEBEATRADIO, provides live interviews from artist from all walks of life, from hip hop to pop/rock n roll.

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