5 Tips For Organizing a Food Drive

Whether at work or at school, organizing a food drive is a great way to bring everyone together to help those in need.  However, there's a lot to considering in order to make your food drive a success.  Here are just five tips to considering when organizing a food drive.

7 Items Food Banks Need the Most

While food banks are grateful for the many donations they receive, there are certain items that are in shorter supply than others.  Here are just seven items to consider donating to your local food bank or to a future food drive.

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DOPEBEATRADIO, was founded by Big Fence 2018, who was born and raised in New York. DOPEBEATRADIO, is geared to producers all across the country. DBR is the home of a hot break beat.  We all should know what the groove of the beat is. The groove of a beat is for the DJ to cut…