Ms DeCarlo Turner


DeCarlo Turner is an American Author.  Her book, “The Forgotten Man” (Published: June 4, 2013/Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.), addresses the mistreatment of good men and how good men have been deceived by certain types of women.  Ms. Turner’s book is also a teaching tool for good women who are with men who have difficulty opening up and expressing themselves.

In 2012, Ms. Turner created and hosted her own television show, “The Forgotten Man TV Show”, in Chicago, Illinois (Producer: Wanda Carter/CAN TV Studios/Chicago, Illinois).  On her show, Ms. Turner held panel discussions, with men, concerning their relationships and how they genuinely felt about women.  Ms. Turner has also held panel discussions and interviews with Prosecutors, Judges, Lawyers and Law Enforcement Officials, concerning issues, in the court system, that disproportionately affect men.


Ms. Turner has appeared on “Woman2Woman” (Producer: Wanda Carter) Evanston, Illinois and “My Guess Ain’t Guessing” (Show Producer: Leon Loving and Host/Producer: Grady Davis of “Grady’s Notebook”/CAN TV Studios, Chicago, Illinois).


In mid-2014, at the 85th Annual Bud Bilikin Parade in Chicago, Illinois, Ms. Turner covered the parade as a Street Reporter for Omnibus Roundtable Television Studios/CAN TV/Producer: Wanda Carter.  Additionally, Ms. Turner conducted random on the spot, street interviews, addressing male issues and event crowd festival participation.


Ms. Turner also has a background in government regulations, as it relates to inspections, investigations and administration, for Illinois local and State Government, from 1975 to 2014.   While serving as a public servant, Ms. Turner not only re-wrote Agency policy and procedures for the Illinois Secretary of State, she wrote Rules & Regulations for Driver Training and Illinois Vehicle Code additions, which have been passed by the Illinois General Assembly, and are currently a form of compliance.  Ms. Turner holds a 100% success rate in Administrative Court Hearings.  That’s right.  She’s never lost a case!


In late 2014, Ms. Turner relocated from the State of Illinois to the State of Georgia.  Her dream…to be discovered in hopes of her book, “The Forgotten Man” being turned into a movie, become a radio personality and TV Talk Show Host.


Since her arrival in Georgia, Ms. Turner has not missed an opportunity to interview men and women concerning their relationships.  Ms. Turner is an avid writer.  She writes books and scripts, and on an occasion, does freelance writing.


Ms. Turner is the Host of “The Forgotten Man with DeCarlo” at WWWE AM 1100 – Atlanta, owned by Beasley Broadcasting Group, Inc.  Her show airs live Mondays 5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m., and Fridays 6:00 p.m. -7:00 p.m.  So be sure to get the tea and join in on the conversation at (404) 603-8770.


Beasley Media Group, LLC has 19 Million listeners.  And DeCarlo Turner, an Author and Radio Personality, is sure to catch the attention of many.  “The Forgotten Man” by DeCarlo Turner is available online at and Kindle.  Website:


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