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Poetic Justice W/ Mama Lioness

Recently  in 2017 Suddenly Spiritually Awakened with the gift of Poetry_ Now “Ms. Mo’shay” Is Shining her Light on Injustice_  Contributing to Raise the “Disadvantage to Power” and Sharing Encouraging Words of Wisdom unto the Melanated Diaspora and all Suppressed and Oppressed Colonized people across the 4 corners of the earth. Now Brace yourself as…

" On The Move Unscripted " Wednesday 3-4pm EST

Tune in to "On The Move Unscripted" with Patricia M. Goins and Marvin Baldwin Jr.(MBJLIve), every Wednesday 3-4pm EST. We play the hottest tunes, have the greatest interviews, and discuss every topic known to man. We'll have you laughing and inspired all at the same time. If we make a mistake during the show, don't judge us, remember...…

Prime Time with Wayne Hall from 12pm-1pm on Saturday

Prime Time boasts three very talented and versatile members of the community. Award winning host Wayne Hall, Jannice O’Shea host of Caribbean Infotainment and Hugh Campbell audio engineer and music producer, brings a unique blend of over 50 years of industry experience. The team is very passionate about radio and the commitment of the platform…

5 Non-Food Items to Donate to Local Food Banks

While local food banks are there to serve those in the community battling hunger, some also help provide essential non-food items as well.  When gathering items for your local food bank or during a food drive, considering donating these five non-food items as well.